The Perfect Time For A Perfect Opportunity

The WWE Universe knows that the company ran under one brand, split between two shows, over the years at various times, the WWE has decided to split and create duel brands as we now operate under both Raw and SmackDown: Live.

For this to work the company had to sanction the brands own pay per views, rosters and championship belts, this has allowed both brands to become their own separate entity, allowing for more time to develop backstory to their feuds and more suspense for the matches.

But while that is all ideal, competiveness between superstars is not always a bad thing and cross-brand feuds is always good for business, in the past, the company has used the Survivor Series Traditional Elimination match as well as the Royal Rumble and even a WrestleMania challenge or two for fights from one brand to the other.

And that’s great but there is a perfect opportunity here to up the ante just that little bit more, imagine if you will, the Genetic Jackhammer himself, Vince McMahon comes out to the ring and says that he’s not happy because there’s not enough hunger in the superstars…that people are happy to stay where they are, never trying to climb the ladder in the company.

What if, the boss himself comes out and says, I’m going to give the superstars something to fight for, then both brands hold their own tournament, a straight out, single elimination bouts till they have a final four on each brand not an outright winner.

Then both sets of the final four superstars join up at a pay per view to continue the tournament till one winner remains, a random draw for match placements, fighting for brand supremacy and a shot at their brands champion at said brands next solo pay per view, a perfect opportunity and a perfect time for the WWE to bring back the pay per view: King of the Ring.

Now the perfect time to hold that pay per view would be the month before SummerSlam, because the biggest party of the summer is also part of the big four, the big four being the only pay per views that are hosted by both Raw and SmackDown: Live.

And the reason for holding the King of the Ring before SummerSlam is to allow time to build a backstory and some drama, you have a good two months before Raw’s solo pay per view, three in the case of SmackDown and regardless of which brand the King of the Ring winner is from you can build a lot in what would be a minimum of two months.

The winner could be a constant reminder to the champion, I’m still here, you’ve still got me to deal with kind of thing and this could not only showcase some mid-carders but also to get some momentum behind them, start generating some push to superstars that are currently lacking.

So, a perfect time, a perfect opportunity…WWE…get a move on…


Been a fan of the WWE since 2000, watched a few from the early years online, wasn’t a fan of where the “Powers that be” were taking the company but it has gotten better with the brand split, I thought that it was a format that worked