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201510222_WM32-keyart_MATCH_TripleH_1920x1080--3f5832ff9f4c45676aab02b10f5a7567WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match: WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H vs Roman Reigns…

WWE Review Card…

It’s onto Dallas, where the ironclad King of Kings battles his Kevlar-encased challenger, Roman Reigns.

As The Road to WrestleMania rounds its final bend, Roman Reigns finds himself, once again, staring down the finish line and the prize at the end of the run.

This time, however, it won’t be the unstoppable Beast Incarnate looking to deny The Big Dog, but current WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H, the unyielding figurehead of The Authority and the man who effectively snatched the title from Reigns in the closing moments of the 2016 Royal Rumble Match.

That Reigns got back to this stage is remarkable enough: The tests he’s gone through since his Royal Rumble Match victory in 2015 would have caused a lesser Superstar to tuck tail and run. If nothing else, Reigns’ ability to plow past Lesnar and his best friend Dean Ambrose (again) at WWE Fastlane to earn the match with The Game should serve as proof to even his staunchest detractors that he’s made of stronger stuff than many gave him credit for this time last year.

Whether desire is enough, this time, will be the question. It wasn’t last year, when Reigns, riding a mantra of “I Can, I Will,” put then-champion Lesnar on his heels in the main event of WrestleMania 31 before Seth Rollins swooped in and stole the show.

There’s no Money in the Bank contract to potentially play spoiler in Dallas this time around, but this incarnation of Triple H never goes into battle without a Plan B, C and D to back up his strategy. Even though it’s billed as a one-on-one match, make no mistake: Reigns is fighting the machine itself, and The King of Kings need only gesture to his army of subordinates to help him hold down the man who ran roughshod over his “church” for years, both as a member of The Shield and the solo Superstar who brutalized The Game at WWE TLC 2015. Taking the title was less a feat of strength than a display of power, a symbolic gesture of The Game’s rule, and an affirmation that no one will take it from him easily.

So it’s onto Dallas, where the ironclad king battles his Kevlar-encased usurper, a battle of one versus all in the disguise of a grudge match, with the ultimate prize on the line. For Triple H, his legacy and his position are at stake. For Roman Reigns, it’s his future. We know he’s capable. But whether he can or he will is barely even the question anymore. He must.

Prediction…Roman Reigns…

Hell in a Cell Match: The Undertaker vs Shane McMahon201510222_WM32-keyart_MATCH_takershane_1920x1080.jpg --c86077f4e5a7ee3a2ea63e2d60b548a8

WWE Review Card…

The Undertaker has WWE in his veins. He’s been a fixture in the company through thick and thin, destroying opponents and earning respect from the locker room for 25 years and counting. At WrestleMania, though, he’ll fight for his legacy at The Showcase of the Immortals when he enters Hell in a Cell to face someone born into WWE royalty and eyeing control over its flagship program Raw: Shane McMahon, the grandson of WWE’s founding father and son of WWE’s current Chairman.

If The Deadman loses, not only will Shane take over Monday nights, but, thanks to a stipulation revealed by WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon on March 21, The Undertaker will also be barred from competing at WrestleMania ever again.

The precipitously high stakes began taking shape on the Feb. 22 Raw, when Shane-O-Mac returned to WWE for the first time since 2010 to interrupt his sister Stephanie McMahon from becoming the first recipient of the Vincent J. McMahon Legacy of Excellence Award. Shane rejected his father’s hug and handshake before saying Stephanie did not earn this new honour.

Shane then told his father that he wanted control of Monday Night Raw to ensure the company’s future, which Mr. McMahon agreed to on one condition: Shane defeats The Undertaker at WrestleMania in a Hell in a Cell Match. If Shane loses, he must surrender a lock box of family secrets to his father. Mr. McMahon also revealed that he’ll write Shane out of his will — leaving everything to Stephanie — and disown his son.

Prediction…first of all I have to say my jaw dropped when I heard about this match, I mean really, Shane McMahon…the man that hasn’t be seen in the WWE in 6 years, you’re going to put him up against one of the main corner stone of the company.

I mean come on, there’s not an odds maker alive that would paint the boy wonder as any type of favourite in this match even though this is rumoured to be the dead man’s last WrestleMania.

A possible view point is that this was an idea to give an excuse to get rid of Stephanie and put Shane in without raising too many eyebrows but I’m thinking that it might be a little too late to avoid such things when you decide to put him up against one of the best ever to step in the ring…

It is also rumoured of a possible Sting interference to ensure the boy wonders win could help set up a Sting/Taker match later down the line

When it comes to WrestleMania I have always stuck with the Undertaker, he has been a favourite of mine for years as the persona of the dead man as always stuck with me since I first watched him at WrestleMania thirteen against Sid Vicious and usually I would always throw my belief behind him – but this reeks of a set up to get new blood in power on Raw and allow Undertaker to retire, I am so torn in my prediction…but I don’t care if I set my self-up for a fail I pick the Undertaker.

201510222_WM32-keyart_MATCH_deanbrock_1920x1080--8a3efeea8342647f50710645338cc00aNo Holds Barred Match: Dean Ambrose vs Brock Lesnar

WWE Review Card…

Brock Lesnar has built a legacy out of conquering the competition, but at WrestleMania, he’ll face a Superstar who won’t run from a brawl when he battles Dean Ambrose in a No Holds Barred Match.

Considering the punishment Lesnar delivered to Ambrose in recent weeks, the unstable brawler would have to be a lunatic to want a match against the destructive competitor.

But after Lesnar brutally attacked Ambrose in the parking lot before the Feb. 22 Raw, driving him through a car windshield and sending him to the hospital, Ambrose wanted to get even.

He commandeered an ambulance and returned to Raw to call out The Beast. Lesnar kicked him in the stomach and shrugged off the confrontation at first, but then Ambrose caught Lesnar and Heyman’s interest by asking for a No Holds Barred Match at WrestleMania.

Ambrose has earned a reputation for being one of the most resilient Superstars of all time, fighting through some of WWE’s most vicious matches. Pain won’t stop Ambrose, so long as his opponent suffers it a little bit more.

At WrestleMania on April 3, though, he’ll face arguably the most punishing Superstar in sports-entertainment history. The Conqueror is not a clever nickname; it’s a warning of what to expect when Lesnar steps between the ropes. He hands out German suplexes to opponents like candy on Halloween.

Prediction…Dean Ambrose…20160229_WM32-keyart_MATCH_charlotteshasha_1920x1080--00d2d01d84316d7b478d90e8e83a37ed

Triple Threat Divas Championship Match: Divas Champion Charlotte vs Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch

WWE Review Card…

Which revolutionary will surge past her competition in her WrestleMania debut?

Last July, Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch sparked a revolution. Arriving to WWE at the exact same moment, the three NXT alumnae immediately dug in their heels and put the Divas division’s old guard on notice: Change had arrived.

Months removed from their historic debuts, the significance of the uprising is more obvious than ever, as Charlotte — now the reigning Divas Champion — gets set to defend the title against The Boss and The Irish Lass Kicker in a Triple Threat Match at WrestleMania. The match was made official on March 3 after a No. 1 Contender’s Rematch between Becky and Sasha on SmackDown ended in controversy, thanks to interference by Charlotte.

Regardless of what Charlotte’s intentions were, her actions resulted in her now having to face not one, but two challengers on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

On-off rivals and teammates since their earliest days in NXT, all three Divas have been linked together since the start. Yet, each brings a unique fighting style and distinct motivation to WrestleMania’s Divas Championship Match.

Prediction…Becky Lynch

20160314_WM32-keyart_MATCH_UsosDudleys_1920x1080--21223c520881c4b75fc6fff6f4efa386The Usos’ vs The Dudley Boyz

WWE Review Card…

What began with a shocking betrayal will culminate with a deeply personal inter-family duel at WrestleMania.

Anoa’i dynasty, meet The Dudleys.

Bubba Ray & D-Von Dudley shredded any illusion that they were a glad-handing nostalgia act when, on the Feb. 8 Raw, they turned their backs on Jimmy & Jey Uso and viciously sent both twins through tables. Claiming the WWE Universe took them for granted, The Dudleys — the most decorated tag team in history — have since reminded all of WWE (and most of all, The Usos) of their malice.

Adding insult to injury, The Dudleys have broadened their attack to include not just Jimmy & Jey, but other members of the proud Anoa’i family, as well. The ECW Originals have trash-talked The Usos’ father, WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi, and even jumped their cousin Roman Reigns.

Now seeing red, The Usos are intent on showing The Dudleys exactly why they, and not Bubba Ray & D-Von, were named the 2015 Slammy Tag Team of the Year. The Dudleys dominated The Attitude Era and beyond, but will they match up against one of the most successful duos of the past few years, the Uso-crazy twins?

Prediction…The Usos

The Andre “The Giant” Memorial Battle Royal20160314_WM32-keyart_MATCH_Andre_1920x1080--dcbbde9941804fd9438de4aa6d9ffd95

WWE’s Review Card…

One of WrestleMania’s fastest-growing traditions will return on April 3 when a legion of Superstars collide in the 3rd Annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

Introduced in 2014, the over-the-top-rope Battle Royal honours the incomparable WWE Hall of Famer. Known as The Eighth Wonder of the World, the 7-foot-4, 520-pound Andre, who passed away in 1993, was considered the “King of the Battle Royal” in his heyday.

The rules of the contest are simple: All participants start in the ring at the same time, and the only way to be eliminated is to be thrown over the top rope, with both feet touching the floor. The melee continues until just one man is standing. The winner will earn not only the distinction of being the event’s third victor, but also a statue bearing Andre’s likeness.

So far, the following Superstars have declared they will enter this year’s edition of the Battle Royal:

• Heath Slater
• Curtis Axel
• Adam Rose
• Bo Dallas
• Big Show
• Kane

Prediction…unfortunately the names given to compete is all I have to go on, for a match that’s meant to have thirty people in it they don’t like to give too much away do they? So obviously there might be one or two surprises but with the names given I pick Kane…

20160307_WM32-keyart_MATCH_KalistoRyback_1920x1080--983d76314f9262b3c351e91fbcefe253United States Championship Match: United States Champion Kalisto vs Ryback

WWE Review Card…

United States Champion Kalisto may be nine inches shorter and 120 pounds lighter than Ryback, but that hasn’t stopped The King of Flight from accepting The Big Guy’s challenge to a title match at WrestleMania.

In setting his sights on Kalisto and the U.S. Title, Ryback has invoked an age-old question: Can a good little man beat a good big man?

WWE’s insatiable smasher insists that the bigger the Superstar, the larger the spotlight. Not to be lost in the debate, however, is the fact the death-defying aerialist Kalisto has toppled Ryback once before, in the first round of last November’s WWE World Heavyweight Tournament.

Of course, much has changed since then. Kalisto, who was introduced to WWE as one-half of The Lucha Dragons tag team, has since captured the stars-and-stripes title. Though he has kept his partnership with Sin Cara alive, Kalisto now spends much of his time competing in singles bouts, proudly defending his championship.

Ryback, meanwhile, has adopted a new look and new edge, and if nothing else about his identity change is clear, this much is: The 2016 Big Guy does not play well with others, having abandoned tag team partners like Kane and Big Show in recent months. He is unapologetically independent and has even gone so far as to recommend that Kalisto follow his lead and ditch his partner, Sin Cara.

What will happen when WWE’s superhero-come-to-life, the spectacular Kalisto, speeds into action against one of the strongest brawlers in WWE history, Ryback? Will The Big Guy’s new outlook pay dividends, or will Kalisto zoom past his dangerous challenger and remind the world that sheer force is not the only path to success?


The New Day vs The League of Nations20160315_WM32-keyart_MATCH_NewDay_LON_1920x1080--716572d60de9dac6f4d7d0b626de49e9

WWE Review Card…

The time for joking has ended. At WrestleMania, WWE’s dominant faction will be revealed when WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day take on The League of Nations in a grave battle for supremacy.

The New Day first earned the ire of Sheamus, Rusev, Alberto Del Rio & King Barrett by tweeting a series of videos in which Big E, Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods portrayed League members in absurd scenarios.

Not taking kindly to the parodies, The League vowed revenge and looked to unseat The New Day as tag team champions. Their first chance came at WWE Roadblock, where, thanks to a well-timed distraction by Woods, Sheamus & Barrett fell short of winning the titles. Two nights later on Raw, Rusev & Del Rio took aim at the tandem titles, but The New Day again escaped with the WWE Tag Team Championship.

The consecutive losses appeared to be The League of Nations’ breaking point. Following the match, the international stable laid waste to The New Day, mugging them in an unrelenting 4-on-3 attack, and then issued a WrestleMania challenge, which the unicorn-horn-hoisting trio accepted the following day on Twitter.

Prediction…The League of Nations

20160315_WM32-keyart_MATCH_8man_1920x1080--b1ac8e3729baa88daf9973aca53b9c4eIntercontinental Champion Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Zack Ryder vs. Sin Cara vs. The Miz vs. Stardust…

WWE Review Card…

Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens may have thought that there was no one deserving enough to challenge him at “KO-Mania,” but he didn’t have a say in the matter, as he must now defend his title against six Superstars in a Ladder Match on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

The Prize-fighter has been bragging for weeks about the lack of worthy competition as WrestleMania approaches. All the while, Owens was drawing the ire of Dolph Ziggler, The Miz and Sami Zayn, who returned to Raw searching for retribution against his long-time friend-turned-enemy. All three had gripes with Owens and were on the hunt for his championship. As the three argued with each other on the March 21 edition of Raw, the cunning Owens began hatching a plan that he believed would help him keep the Intercontinental Title beyond WrestleMania.

Owens promised Zayn, Ziggler and Miz that he would talk to The Authority about making a Triple Threat Match to determine his Show of Shows opponent. Owens did just that, convincing a distracted Stephanie McMahon to allow him to set the match up. Later that night, however, Owens revealed his scheme to the WWE Universe when he introduced the three participants in the battle: Zack Ryder, Sin Cara and Stardust. The Prize-fighter was pleased with himself as he joined the baffled Raw announce team. Zayn, The Show-off and The Awesome One, each furious with Owens, made their way to ringside to confront the champion as Sin Cara, Ryder and Stardust battled inside the squared circle for what seemed to be a huge opportunity.

Things quickly turned chaotic as Ziggler, Miz and Zayn attacked Owens. The melee then spilled into the ring and engulfed Long Island Iced-Z, the Lucha Dragon and The Prince of Dark Matter, bringing their title hopes to a crashing halt. However, the six of them soon united against a common enemy, Owens, and sent the Intercontinental Champion reeling from the ring.

Owens’ plan soon disintegrated as he retreated to The Authority’s office, where Stephanie was trying to deal with the looming threat of Roman Reigns. The Prize-fighter still claimed there was no one worthy of challenging him at WrestleMania, but was quickly rebuffed by Stephanie, who declared that Owens would now defend his title against all six men at The Show of Shows. When Owens seemed to protest, she took things one step further, making the battle a Ladder Match.

Prediction…Dolph Ziggler

Total Divas vs B.A.D & Blonde20160325_WM32_MATCH_Divas_final--9f1f271b4f3f61e519488513440caf6b

WWE Review Card…

Eva Marie joins the Total Divas squad in taking on Lana’s B.A.D. & Blonde team on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

Battle lines have been drawn, and at WrestleMania, “Total Divas” Brie Bella, Paige, Natalya, Alicia Fox & Eva Marie will attempt to put aside their differences long enough to take down the squad of B.A.D. & Blonde, featuring Lana, Naomi, Tamina, Emma & Summer Rae.

The match will take place during the second hour of the WrestleMania Kick-off live on USA Network, as well as for free on WWE.com, the WWE App, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

With seemingly incompatible elements on both sides, the newly confirmed match is proof that common enemies can lead to the unlikeliest of partnerships.

The bout also marks the in-ring debut of the Diva who sparked the war in the first place: Lana. The Ravishing Russian began targeting Brie Bella weeks ago, and soon aligned herself with Team B.A.D. Though Lana’s campaign against Brie began with one of her characteristic verbal assaults, in a surprise move, it then turned physical, with Lana ambushing the former Divas Champion and using the Bella Twin’s own signature move against her.

The trio’s brash behaviour rankled their peers, even to the point where known Bella nemesis Paige agreed to side with Brie if it meant getting her hands on The Ravishing Russian.

A WrestleMania challenge was laid out by the Total Divas on March 21, leaving Lana & Team B.A.D. scrambling to find a fourth partner. It didn’t take the nefarious Divas long, however, as Emma and Summer Rae made their allegiances known the next night when they shockingly attacked Natalya and Alicia. The addition of Summer Rae raised eyebrows, considering her hostile history with Lana, but B.A.D. and Blonde nonetheless appeared confident as they maintained a numbers advantage against the Total Divas.

That is, until a certain crimson-haired member of the “Total Divas” cast made her presence felt on the March 28 edition of Raw. The ever-polarizing Eva Marie — seen most recently competing in NXT — returned to WWE to help the Total Divas fight off a 5-on-4 attack. Begrudgingly, Brie, Paige, Natalya & Alicia accepted Eva Marie’s overture, setting in motion WrestleMania’s 10-Diva brawl.

Prediction…Total Divas

20160303_WM32-keyart_MATCH_AjStylesJericho_1920x1080--254cf568c0871ceb096414387d8d10e6A.J Styles vs Chris Jericho

WWE Review Card…

As WrestleMania comes into focus, the mutual respect between AJ Styles and Chris Jericho has faded, replaced by outright animosity.

Following AJ Styles’ memorable debut in the 2016 Royal Rumble Match, the yearning for dream bouts between Styles and WWE’s best was at the top of everyone’s wish list. However, as proven by The Phenomenal One and Chris Jericho’s now WrestleMania-bound clash, dreams can quickly devolve into harsh realities.

Styles and Jericho’s rivalry first developed and revolved around the principles of mutual respect and pure competition. The two exchanged victories — Styles prevailing on Raw and Jericho evening the score on SmackDown — leading to a highly anticipated rubber match at WWE Fastlane. The two did not disappoint, delivering an instant classic that left the WWE Universe inside Quicken Loans Arena astonished from start to finish. The Phenomenal One ultimately prevailed, proving his mettle as one of WWE’s newest elites.

In a somewhat surprising turn of events, the often-hot-headed Jericho offered a handshake to Styles following the contest at WWE Fastlane. Styles accepted the peace offering, and the two began teaming up in subsequent weeks. Dubbing themselves “Y2AJ,” the pair quickly ascended to a WWE Tag Team Championship opportunity.

However, the dream team was not built to last. After falling short in their tag title opportunity, Jericho’s resentment toward Styles’ instant popularity with the WWE Universe rose to the surface. The former WWE Undisputed World Champion laid out his “partner,” instantly transforming a situation that first cantered on mutual respect into a gritty, personal matter.

The conflict escalated over the next several weeks, with Jericho chastising the WWE Universe for their propensity to cheer for Styles. Following several altercations, both verbal and physical, Styles challenged Jericho to throw down on The Grandest Stage of Them All and, after Styles cost Jericho a victory, Jericho finally accepted. The clash will mark Styles’ first WrestleMania appearance.

Now, with any reverence that the two may have shared for one another being long forgotten, Styles and Jericho will lock up again at WrestleMania 32. This time it will not be about fulfilling on the promise of a “dream” match. The dream is over; this contest is solely about retaliation.

Prediction…A.J Styles


Been a fan of the WWE since 2000, watched a few from the early years online, wasn’t a fan of where the “Powers that be” were taking the company but it has gotten better with the brand split, I thought that it was a format that worked