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WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins was set to defend his title against his former Shield “brother” Roman Reigns in a head-to-head battle at Survivor Series, but after Rollins suffered an injury that will keep him out of action for six to nine months, WWE’s most prized possession will now be on the line in a historic tournament.

20151113_SurvivorSeries_LIGHT_DelRioRoman_HOMEPAGESemi-Final Match

Roman Reigns vs WWE United States Champion Alberto Del Rio

WWE’s Review Card…

Roman Reigns and United States Champion Alberto Del Rio will face off in the semi-final round of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament this Sunday at Survivor Series, with the winner advancing the tournament final — and the opportunity of a lifetime — later that night.

For Reigns, a victory against Del Rio would secure him a WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match for the second time in recent memory. The Big Dog originally earned No. 1 contender status on the Oct. 26 edition of Raw, when he came out on top in a Fatal 4-Way Match. Yet, his title match against champion Seth Rollins was cancelled after The Architect suffered a major knee injury and had to forfeit the championship. Reigns was then offered a golden chance to be fast-tracked to the tournament final by WWE COO Triple H, but he refused to “play ball” with The Authority in exchange for the free ride.

In turn, Reigns’ path to the semi-finals has been anything but easy. He scraped past The World’s Largest Athlete, Big Show, in round one, and overcame a tough challenge from Cesaro in round two.

Since returning to WWE by surprise at Hell in a Cell, where he reappeared alongside Zeb Colter and ended John Cena’s U.S. Championship reign, Del Rio has appeared virtually unstoppable. The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion advanced to the tournament semi-finals with wins over Stardust in round one and The Lucha Dragons’ Kalisto in round two.

Which Superstar will have the edge this Sunday in Atlanta at Survivor Series? Will the U.S. Champion’s dangerous strikes and flawless submission game propel him to a WWE World Heavyweight Title Match? Or will Reigns — who came within a hair of winning WWE’s top prize from Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 31 — Superman Punch and Spear his way to the final?

Prediction…Roman Reigns

20151116_SurvivorSeries_LIGHT_HPSemi-Final Match

Dean Ambrose vs WWE Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens

WWE’s Review Card…

Having made it to the final four of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament, Dean Ambrose and Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens will fight tooth and nail this Sunday at Survivor Series. When the dust settles, either The Lunatic Fringe or WWE’s Prize-fighter will advance to the tournament final later in the night, where he will vie for his first WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

The semi-final matchup pits two of WWE’s least predictable and most out-of-control Superstars against each other. Ambrose and Owens met on the Nov. 5 edition of SmackDown in a non-title contest, with The Lunatic Fringe’s unconventional, all-or-nothing attack causing Owens to flee through the crowd and voluntarily take a count-out loss. Such a result is unlikely to repeat itself this Sunday, when nothing less than sports-entertainment immortality — in the form of the WWE World Heavyweight Title — is on the line.

Ambrose advanced to the semi-finals by defeating WWE newcomer Tyler Breeze in round one and Dolph Ziggler in round two. After the second tournament win, he vowed to turn WWE into the “Ambrose Asylum” with a WWE World Heavyweight Championship win at Survivor Series.

Owens, meanwhile, beat Titus O’Neil in the opening round before triumphing over Neville in the second round. Much as he had done with other Superstars involved in the tournament, Triple H approached Owens after his quarterfinal win and congratulated him, prompting some in the WWE Universe to speculate that the WWE COO is hedging his bets after Roman Reigns refused to “play ball” with The Authority.

Prediction…Dean Ambrose


WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Finals

(If prediction holds true)

Roman Reign vs Dean Ambrose

Prediction…now as much as I want Roman Reigns to win the title I am actually seeing a couple of things that could happen…1) Reigns wins and we carry on as normal or 2) a surprise entry steps in as a plot twist (let me explain number two in more detail)

Shamus despite being knocked out in the first round of the tournament does in fact carry the money in the bank briefcase (guaranteed title shot whenever he chooses) now Seth Rollins cashed his in at WrestleMania when Reigns was challenging Lesnar.

Could a plot twist of Reigns being robbed again in a main event title match by another money in the bank owner be on the cards? Or perhaps turning the finals into a triple threat match for the title.

I can’t decide, Reigns or the run in from Shamus I want Reigns to win but the likelihood of Shamus cashing in seems more likely the more I think about it and I am probably setting myself up for a prediction loss here and even though I will be cheering on Reigns I have to pick the plot twist or at least the one I’m seeing Shamus to cash in and win.

20151102_SurvivorSeries_LIGHT_Divas_HPDivas Championship Match: Divas Champion Charlotte vs Paige

WWE’s Preview Card…

Charlotte’s Divas Championship reign will be put to the ultimate litmus test at Survivor Series, when she takes on Paige in a match where both women will look to stake their claim as not only champion, but also “queen-pin” of the Divas Revolution.

The champion and challenger had developed a strong kinship over the summer as members of Team PCB, along with Becky Lynch; however, their bond began to strain as Charlotte developed more success within the Divas division, ultimately dethroning Nikki Bella and snapping her record reign to win her first Divas Championship.

Following a several-week, on-again/off-again smear campaign by Paige against Charlotte, The Anti-Diva finally dismembered PCB for good when she viciously attacked her former “besties” on Raw. The message was clear: Her house was big enough for only one alpha-female.

The Diva of Tomorrow followed up her PCB blindside with a major victory the next week over Becky Lynch, Brie Bella and Sasha Banks in a No. 1 Contender’s Fatal 4-Way Match on Raw to set the stage for a mega-collision with Charlotte at Survivor Series.

What will happen when the only two women in history to have held both the NXT Women’s and Divas Championships square off? Can the “Genetically Superior” champion contain Paige’s hard-hitting offense to retain her championship and pick up her biggest victory to date? Or will the original gangster of the Divas Revolution protect her house and defeat the second-generation star to once again rule the heap as Divas Champion?


20151112_SurvivorSeries_LIGHT_KaneTakerWyatts_HPKane & The Undertaker vs Two Members Of The Wyatt Family

WWE’s Preview Card…

At Survivor Series — the very event where The Undertaker debuted 25 years ago — WWE’s Phenom will reunite with Kane to battle two members of The Wyatt Family, perhaps finally settling the ring’s most unearthly rivalry.

Bray Wyatt claimed to harvest the souls and embody the supernatural powers of The Brothers of Destruction after he and his Family abducted The Undertaker and Kane. The New Face of Fear went so far as to eulogize the two dangerous WWE Legends. But as the WWE Universe saw on Raw’s trip to the United Kingdom, where The Deadman and The Demon reappeared and laid waste to The New Face of Fear’s gargantuan crew, The Brothers of Destruction have not surrendered to Wyatt’s cruel force.

A quarter-century of carnage has led to this moment for The Undertaker, as his status as WWE’s otherworldly emperor is challenged by Wyatt. Helping him defend his claim is the Superstar who has fought with and against him his entire life, his own half-brother, Kane.

Which two members of The Wyatt Family will stand up to The Brothers of Destruction at Survivor Series? Will The Eater of Worlds step in, or will he leave the unenviable task to two of his massive henchmen, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan or the clan’s newest and most imposing element, Braun Strowman?

Prediction…The Undertaker & Kane

20151117_SurvivorSeries_LIGHT_ZigglerBreeze_HP_sponsorDolph Ziggler vs Tyler Breeze

WWE’s Preview Card…

Dolph Ziggler looks to shut down Tyler Breeze and Summer Rae’s VIP section permanently this Sunday when he takes on Prince Pretty at Survivor Series, live on WWE Network.

Since arriving in WWE, Breeze, one of the most successful Superstars in NXT history, has looked to make an impact by targeting Ziggler. The taunts and attacks started on night one, when Summer — fresh off a fizzled relationship with The Showoff — introduced The Sultan of Selfies as her new beau. Breeze ambushed Ziggler and used his selfie stick to attack Ziggler’s previously injured throat. The King of Cuteville has cost Ziggler matches, too, including distracting The Showoff during his match against Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens.

On the Nov. 19 edition of SmackDown, a fed-up Ziggler returned fire, unleashing a devastating superkick on Breeze, just days before they get set to lock up at WWE’s fall classic. Can Ziggler slow the roll of WWE’s brazen upstart? Or will Breeze come away with a victory against the battle-tested Ziggler, in his first Survivor Series appearance no less?

Prediction…Dolph Ziggler


Been a fan of the WWE since 2000, watched a few from the early years online, wasn’t a fan of where the “Powers that be” were taking the company but it has gotten better with the brand split, I thought that it was a format that worked