WWE Rumour: Styles vs Nakamura – Last Man Standing

The latest rumour to hit the office here at the Squared Circle is that of talks of an AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura Last Man Standing match, rumours have not speculated on when this match is meant to go down, whether at Money in the Bank or even Extreme Rules.

We now must wonder if such a rumoured match would include Baron Corbin, a separate rumour we’ve already covered but that also opens the possibility of Baron Corbin interfering in a Styles/Nakamura last man standing match if held at Money in the Bank, not only would this give yet another fucking no contest bullshit ending (because we all love those) but also set up the rumoured Triple Threat at Extreme Rules.

Personally, thoughts at the office is that we really don’t need such possibilities, Corbin hasn’t exactly been in the title picture and the fact there is a good chance the WWE is just going to drop him in outta nowhere is all sorts of BS.

Currently – it is a collective hope that Styles and Nakamura can at least give us a match with a fucking winner but the WWE seems almost obsessed to drag out the pain and misery that the WWE Universe must suffer…Thanks Vince!


Been a fan of the WWE since 2000, watched a few from the early years online, wasn’t a fan of where the “Powers that be” were taking the company but it has gotten better with the brand split, I thought that it was a format that worked