A WrestleMania Rumour …

As many may know, we are approaching the beginning of the road to WrestleMania, starting on the twenty-ninth at the Royal Rumble, as my feature image might give it away, this rumour is of the Undertaker going one on one against John Cena.

The match would have a title opportunity attached as the Undertaker is said to be extremely heavy favourite to win the Royal Rumble, while Cena is said to either win his sixteenth world championship against A.J Styles either at the Rumble or they could drag it out to the next pay per view, leaving the match set for WrestleMania.

If a match is set to be on the cards, the question is who should win, the Undertaker forewarned the WWE universe that the stage of the immortals would no longer define him, meaning winning the match would not be on the cards and John Cena has extreme movie responsibilities in 2017, in fact he’s rumoured not to even be available for half the dates needed, so should he even win the championship.

So while this match-up would be a fan favourite going into Aprils per view of the year, is the rumour really credible…what do you think?


Been a fan of the WWE since 2000, watched a few from the early years online, wasn’t a fan of where the “Powers that be” were taking the company but it has gotten better with the brand split, I thought that it was a format that worked