WWE PAYBACK 2014 Predictions…


The Shield vs Evolution… (No Holds Barred, Elimination Match)

It’s a rematch from Extreme Rules where in a close match the Shield stopped Evolution and the questions is asked can they do it again.

Predicted winner…The Shield


John Cena vs Bray Wyatt (Last Man Standing Match)

Not content with leaving the score board at 1 win and 1 loss each (Cena winning at WrestleMania and Wyatt winning in a steel cage at Extreme Rules) these two will step into the ring for round three.

But as it was Cena’s challenge for Extreme Rules it was now Bray Wyatt’s challenge for WWE Payback as their rubber match will fall to a last man standing match.
Predicted winner: John Cena…(but maybe I am letting my heart vote overruling my head on this one as I am a member of Cena fan nation)


Intercontinental Champion “Bad News” Barrett vs Rob Van Dam

With his win on a Raw’s Beat the Clock Challenge, RVD scored the fastest time to challenge Barrett for the intercontinental championship

Predicted Winner: Rob Van Dam


Divas Championship Match: Divas Champion Paige vs Alicia Fox…

Predicted Winner: Paige

20140523_PaybackKickoff_HorTor_HomepageHair Vs Mask Kick Off Match: Hornswoggle vs El Torito
Predicted Winner: El Torito

Daniel_Bryan_WWE_Championbryanchamp_zpse05272c8Daniel Bryan’s Championship Decision…
With Daniel Bryan injured, the authority would find grounds to strip the champion of his title but would force Bryan to give the gold up instead, the champ would end up defying the authority by not relinquishing the championship on Monday night Raw, Stephanie McMahon has given the champion one hell of an ultimatum.
Either surrender the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at this Sundays pay per view WWE Payback or stand by and watch his wife Brie Bella be fired on the spot…
So what does the champ do?
Prediction…I think Bryan will have to give up the title I don’t think he will just hand it over I think they would force him into a championship match where he (whilst injured) would lose the gold, as there is no opponent announced for the pay per view I cannot make a prediction on a new champion but they will bring in the likes of Kane to beat Bryan for the title.


20140523_Payback_Match_Rusev_BigE_LIGHT_HPRusev vs Big E Langston

Predicted Winner: Rusev


Been a fan of the WWE since 2000, watched a few from the early years online, wasn’t a fan of where the “Powers that be” were taking the company but it has gotten better with the brand split, I thought that it was a format that worked