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WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins

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The stakes have never been higher in Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins’ rollercoaster rivalry. as the former friends-turned-bitter enemies will now battle for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WWE Money in the Bank, live on the award-winning WWE Network on Sunday, June 19.

This epic showdown was made less than 24 hours after The Architect shocked the WWE Universe by returning from a serious knee injury — suffered back on November 2015 — to Pedigree The Big Dog at WWE Extreme Rules. Rollins’ statement was even more powerful when you consider that he made it just moments after Reigns had triumphed over AJ Styles in an absolutely brutal Extreme Rules WWE World Heavyweight Title Match. The picture to close out WWE’s most lawless night of the year said it all, as Rollins stood over his one-time Shield “brother” and held WWE’s most prized possession high above his head.

It’s only fitting that the one-time Mr. Money in the Bank — who successfully cashed in his contract by pinning Reigns in the main event of WrestleMania 31 — was granted an opportunity to challenge for WWE’s top prize on the most money night of the year, courtesy of Shane McMahon. The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, after all, was never actually beaten in the ring for the title. Instead, Rollins was forced to relinquish the championship after tearing his right ACL, MCL and medial meniscus during a WWE Live Event in Europe.

In Rollins’ absence, Reigns has established himself not only as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, but as the overall dominant force in the squared circle. Now, as Rollins and Reigns’ conflict comes full circle, both Superstars will be operating on a whole other level, looking to settle their differences with WWE’s most coveted championship on the line. Will Reigns continue to prove that he truly is “The Guy,” or will Rollins win back what he feels is rightfully his?

Prediction: Roman Reigns

John Cena vs. AJ Styles20160527_MITB_Match_CenaAJ--7078c516256e4f12ad53fe4444246679

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John Cena’s return to WWE pay-per-view will be nothing short of a blockbuster encounter, as he faces AJ Styles at WWE Money in the Bank in a battle as highly anticipated as any WrestleMania main event to date. The dream match marks not only Cena’s first official match on WWE pay-per-view since last October, but also his first time ever competing against The Phenomenal One, who has taken WWE by storm since debuting in January.

Revealed exclusively by WWE.com, the bout was precipitated by Styles confronting Cena immediately following the Cenation leader’s comeback speech. After alluding to the fact that the future of WWE has to go through Cena, Styles — arguably the most prominent representative of WWE’s New Era — showed his true colors, joining Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows in ambushing Cena. The Club’s 3-on-1 attack occurred just one week after Styles seemingly parted ways with his hard-hitting comrades.

Though the Cenation leader made a headline-grabbing cameo at WrestleMania, his upcoming match against Styles will be the biggest test to date for his surgically repaired right shoulder. Cena underwent surgery in January to repair a torn rotator cuff and remove loose tissue from the shoulder and, thanks to a tireless rehabilitation period, became cleared for action in record time. Despite the heroic recovery, the question remains: Will Cena’s shoulder hold up against Styles’ attack?

The Phenomenal One is not only a masterful competitor, but a dangerous one, too, and, based on The Club’s skullduggery, unpredictable. Styles has put in one remarkable performance after another, but has been unable to secure a victory on pay-pre-view since February. What better way for the dynamic, high-flying veteran to earn his stripes in WWE and rebound from his consecutive main-event losses than by spoiling Cena’s return?

Prediction: John Cena

20160606_MITB_Match_TagTeams--22876d7846fc1b4f3506c9de42d72676WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day vs. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson vs. Enzo Amore & Big Cass vs. The Vaudevillains (Fatal 4-Way Match)

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WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day will face WWE’s New Era head-on when they battle three new teams on the scene — Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson, Enzo Amore & Big Cass, and The Vaudevillains — in a Fatal 4-Way Match at WWE Money in the Bank.

The championship clash was made by WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon, at the unsolicited recommendation of former SmackDown General Manager Teddy Long, on the June 6 edition of Raw.

With three teams to contend with, never mind a stipulation that allows The New Day to lose the titles without being involved in the deciding fall, the Fatal 4-Way Match may be the champions’ greatest challenge to date.

Though Big E & Xavier Woods turned back Aiden English & Simon Gotch at WWE Extreme Rules, the successful defense did not come without the outside assistance of Kofi Kingston. Yet, the gentlemen brawlers are hardly The New Day’s lone concern.

Internationally acclaimed heavy hitters Gallows & Anderson made their objective of winning the WWE Tag Team Championship clear when they ambushed The New Day during the Memorial Day edition of Raw. Now that they have the champions’ attention, will Gallows & Anderson back up their attack and give The Club its first taste of WWE championship gold?

Not to be overlooked in the equation are “The Realest Guys in the Room,” Enzo Amore & Big Cass. Though a concussion suffered by Enzo at WWE Payback temporarily derailed the team’s march into contention, the quick-talking “certified G” bounced back with authority, as he and Cass upended The Dudley Boyz on Raw. Can their momentum continue on June 19?

Prediction: to even my bets here and to give me a fifty-fifty percent chance, I am going to pick two teams since four teams are going to compete, one team will be the New Day retain their championships or Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson will win the championships.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match for a WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match contract

20160606_MITB_Match_Qualifying_six_2--626b3c8227b05464ed86d7d3b0baeec2WWE Review Card…

They say that money changes everything. So what does it mean for the six Superstars who will risk life and limb climbing a ladder in pursuit of the coveted Money in the Bank contract, which guarantees a WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match to whomever holds it within the span of a year?

For Kevin Owens, it means vindication. The Prizefighter came into WWE a year ago with a massive chip on his shoulder, beating John Cena and dubbing this place “The Kevin Owens Show” almost as soon as he walked through the door. He has earned two Intercontinental Titles since then, and a Money in the Bank contract would go a long way toward fulfilling KO’s promise to take over and remake WWE in his image.

For Cesaro, it’s a chance to put lingering doubts to rest. It’s his first time in a Money in the Bank Match on his own (his previous two outings at Money in the Bank were under the tutelages of Zeb Colter and Paul Heyman), and not a minute too soon: The King of Swing seems to have finally found his stride, and if not for outrageous circumstances, he’d have won the Intercontinental Title from The Miz twice now. All those questions about whether he’s fit to grab to the brass ring could be answered if he ascends the ladder and seizes the precious briefcase. At the very least it’d go nice with that suit of his.

For Sami Zayn, on the other hand, it’s a matter of destiny. “The Underdog from the Underground” is the New Era’s resident journeyman, having overcome a decade-plus path through the independent scene and a couple of nasty injuries to make it to WWE, where he immediately captured the WWE Universe’s heart. He has been locked in a struggle with longtime rival Owens since the day he got here, but one gets the sense that Zayn has always set his sights on bigger and better things than one man.

For Chris Jericho, there is nothing – and no one – bigger than himself. The Ayatollah of Rock ’n’ Rolla has bestowed the “Gift of Jericho” to the WWE Universe for weeks, insisting his own magnificence is enough to validate the continued existence of WWE programming. He has a point: The six-time World Champion famously invented the Money in the Bank Ladder Match itself, but he’s never actually won it. For a Superstar who considers himself “The Best in the World at What He Does,” nothing less than a championship contract will satisfy him. Drink it in, man.

For Alberto Del Rio, it’s a chance to return to the upper echelon of excellence. The Pride of Mexico is already a Money in the Bank contract-winner, having successfully redeemed his own briefcase for a WWE Title back in 2011. This is one of the few opportunities Del Rio has really had to reclaim the ultimate prize for himself since returning in 2015. He’ll claw at the chance with all the power available to him. But of course, you already know that.

And then there’s Dean Ambrose, who … well, it’s unwise to even fathom what goes on in the mind of The Lunatic Fringe. This is a man, after all, who threw Chris Jericho onto a pile of thumbtacks to avenge a month’s worth of slights. But one thing’s for sure: Ambrose has been the perennial runner-up to the WWE World Heavyweight Title since November, coming in second in a title tournament at Survivor Series, second in the Royal Rumble Match that made Triple H champion and narrowly losing a title match at WWE Roadblock in February. Crazy or not, that has to sting. And smart money says he has had enough.

Prediction: now something smells off here the image of the people involved in this match did hold a shadowy seventh figure, giving speculation that another would be added to this match, have they decided not too? I don’t know…

But since there are six to compete, much like the tag team championship match I will even my bets here and pick three, giving me a fifty-fifty percent chance in my prediction.

First pick: Alberto Del Rio – why him? Because with the process of elimination, he is the only one in the match that has not got a ravel he’s currently at war with. Ambrose has Jericho, Owens has Cesaro and technically Sami Zayn

Second pick: Dean Ambrose – why him? If they don’t go with his rivalry with Jericho, he is the last member of the group formerly known as the shield, with Rollins and Reigns fighting for the championship, having the final member of the group pick up Money in the Bank would be the icing on this war that’s brewing.

Third pick: Sami Zayn – why him? New era, new blood, Zayn is a fan favourite from the NXT roster, he’s used the momentum to make some major upsets and it could be his time for a shot on the gold.

20160606_MITB_Match_RusevTitus_nologo--8d3d8f33b72cf1ff2f1db42ff3fc94dcU.S. Champion Rusev vs. Titus O’Neil

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If America is the land of opportunity, then Titus O’Neil took that message to heart: After weeks of aggressively pursuing a U.S. Championship Match, The Big Deal will officially challenge Rusev for the prestigious championship at Money in the Bank.

Like all opportunities, however, this one didn’t exactly get handed to O’Neil without a few hurdles. The former WWE Tag Team Champion seemed to appoint himself as The Super Athlete’s challenger almost as soon as Rusev won the U.S. Title from Kalisto, taking particular exception to the Bulgarian’s claim that he is a true “American hero.” The championship, according to Rusev, should go to the Superstar who displays the kind of superiority and resolve that is symbolic of the United States, which makes him, one of the most ferocious competitors in the ring today, the rightful bearer of the title.

Given those boasts, O’Neil, man known for his philanthropic ventures as well as his in-ring prowess, challenged The Bulgarian Brute to put his money where his mouth was after almost each and every one of his matches and put the U.S. Title on the line as any honest American would for a worthy challenger. Each time, Rusev refused to grant Titus the opportunity, even when O’Neil hauled off and slapped The Super Athlete in the mouth.

But where Rusev was stubborn (some would say cowardly), WWE officials apparently recognized the kind of enterprising spirit that comprised the very backbone of the American dream all those years ago, and sanctioned a bout between the two at Money in the Bank. If nothing else, it’s safe to say that Titus O’Neil has made his own opportunity. That’s about as American as it gets. Now it’s on him to follow through.

Prediction: Rusev

20160613_MITB_Match_CharlotteDanaNattyBecky--a1939d9cdcff776017f7c522ee145dd4WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte & Dana Brooke vs. Natalya & Becky Lynch

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WWE Money in the Bank could prove to be the turning point for the Women’s division as Natalya & Becky Lynch look to put an end to Charlotte & Dana Brooke’s unruly power trip in a must-see tag team showdown that was first announced on Facebook Live.

WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte has held her place atop the division since the title’s inception at WrestleMania 32. This is no easy feat, and one that has come with a bit (or a lot) of help. First, the titleholder’s legendary father, Ric Flair, provided his fair share of aid to his daughter by showing over and over again why he is called “The Dirtiest Player in the Game.” Recently, however, the arrogant Charlotte made a rather shocking and bold move, telling her dad to take a hike. Enter Dana Brooke.

The powerful newcomer wasted no time making her mark in the Women’s division, first aligning herself with Emma and most recently taking the two-time WWE Hall of Famer’s place as Charlotte’s partner in crime. Together, Charlotte and Dana have proven to be a force to be reckoned with within the division.

In recent months, Natalya has pushed the champion to the limit on numerous occasions, only to have victory taken from her at the last second. The Queen of Harts has remained determined to prove that Charlotte’s impressive title reign is the result of her underhanded tactics, the most recent of which involved a scheming Dana dressing up as The Nature Boy at Extreme Rules to distract the pink-and-black–clad Superstar and cost her the win.

The odds have since evened, though, as Dana’s heated rivalry with Becky Lynch has made for an opportune alliance between The Irish Lass Kicker and Natalya. Both duos have since taken turns trying to gain the upper hand, resulting in a number of volatile run-ins.

Prediction: Natalya & Becky Lynch

20160608_MITB_Match_DolphBaron--331b824dad9ef003980f684fbd4fd100Dolph Ziggler vs. Baron Corbin

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Given that Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin’s rivalry began with a face-plant on the floor and progressed to include a pair of low-blows and a vow of ultimate destruction on The Lone Wolf’s part, where could the two Superstars possibly go from here? Well, at Money in the Bank Kickoff, we’re about to find out.

That’s right: As revealed on WWE’s official Snapchat account, the two-time World Heavyweight Champion and reigning Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal winner will battle yet again on June 19, marking the third straight confrontation between The Showoff and his rival on a major pay-per-view stage.

A stage, it must be said, that Corbin seems to think is his to command without having to earn the opportunity first. That surprise win in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal served only to place a chip on Corbin’s shoulder, and that entitlement grew by the day when he realized that he was still subject to things like disqualification losses when he broke the rules, and “fluke” defeats against veterans like Ziggler whose accomplishments he has yet to respect.

The rules are thrown out the window as The Showoff battles The Lone Wolf in a vicious rubber match.

Ziggler, as one of the standard-bearers of the old guard and whose grueling path to the top was long, winding and well-documented, had no time for upstarts who refused to pay their dues, and decided to beat Corbin into shape. After his attempts to educate his rival the old-fashioned way fell on deaf ears, The Showoff has recently resolved to play the game on The Lone Wolf’s terms, fighting dirty and daring Corbin to do something about it. At Money in the Bank, Corbin will have just such a chance. And should Ziggler show him up again, it will be a hard pill to swallow indeed.

Prediction: Dolph Ziggler

Apollo Crews vs. Sheamus20160613_MITB_Match_ApolloCrewsSheamus--fb2c2081528e31880835a9e775873c9e

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If Sheamus thought the Superstars of WWE’s New Era were afraid of a fight, he has another thing coming. On this Sunday’s Money in the Bank Kickoff, WWE rookie Apollo Crews will rise to the challenge of the hard-hitting Celtic Warrior and look to silence the well-established bully, as announced on WWE’s Twitter.

The destructive Dubliner declared war on WWE’s New Era after losing to Sami Zayn in a Money in the Bank Qualifying Match last month. Irate over the loss, Sheamus took out his frustrations on Crews, tossing the jacked newcomer around the interview area backstage while bemoaning WWE’s much-ballyhooed infusion of new talent. The backstage ambush likely contributed to Crews’ own loss in a Money in the Bank qualifier match later that night against Chris Jericho.

Heeding the words of one of WWE’s most experienced Superstars, Big Show, the boulder-shouldered newcomer from Stone Mountain, Georgia, showed no fear the next time he encountered Sheamus. As The Celtic Warrior bragged to other Superstars about his role in the summer blockbuster “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows,” Crews confronted the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion and promptly put him on his backside with a clubbing blow.

Now, the two Superstars are headed for a collision on the Kickoff. Whether Sheamus truly feels threatened by the emergence of New Era Superstars — as Big Show alleges — is unknown, but The Celtic Warrior’s might is not. Will Sheamus’ full-speed-ahead fisticuffs and ample experience under the bright lights give him the edge against Crews? Or can the five-tool player earn the most pivotal victory of his young career, giving the entire New Era a symbolic win in the process?

Prediction: Shamus

Figures the WWE would add matches so near to the pay per view this so much lazy fucking writing it’s a joke so…….

20160617_MITB_Match_DolphBaron--e4260c2273242b1a8d945bbd2583d214The Lucha Dragons vs. The Dudley Boyz (Kickoff Match)

With both tandems eying to move up the ranks of WWE’s crowded Tag Team division, The Lucha Dragons and The Dudley Boyz will clash this Sunday on the WWE Money in the Bank Kickoff.

The pivotal matchup occurs the same night that WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day are set to face three sets of challengers, underscoring just how competitive WWE’s tandems are.

Kalisto & Sin Cara sacrifice size, strength and experience to Bubba Ray & D-Von Dudley, who are the most decorated tag team in sports-entertainment history. Yet, the WWE Universe has seen the two masked high-flyers zip past larger foes before, and few teams can keep up with the Dragons’ speed, agility and offensive innovation. Would a victory at WWE Money in the Bank move the thrilling pair into contendership, regardless of who holds the titles at the end of the night?

The Dudleys, meanwhile, are intent on reminding WWE’s other tandems exactly how they came to be one of the most dominant duos of all time. Will the Extreme Originals view their match against Kalisto & Sin Cara as an opportunity to make a statement?

Prediction: the Dudley boys

The Golden Truth vs. Breezango (Kickoff Match)20160617_MITB_Match_RtruthBreeze--7f283164681d94f74c563dfd7fcf5226

The rivalry between The Golden Truth and Breezango heats up this Sunday when the two teams meet head-on on the WWE Money in the Bank Kickoff. What remains to be seen is just what condition Tyler Breeze & Fandango will be in after Goldust & R-Truth’s hijinks last Monday.

Breezango’s plan to ensure fully bronzed bods backfired on the Raw Pre-Show thanks to The Golden Truth tinkering with the tanning bed. As a result of the mishap, Breeze & Fandango’s bromance turned sunburnt, and WWE fans saw the two Superstars walking very gingerly later that night on WWE’s Snapchat.

Prediction: The Golden Truth


Been a fan of the WWE since 2000, watched a few from the early years online, wasn’t a fan of where the “Powers that be” were taking the company but it has gotten better with the brand split, I thought that it was a format that worked