Money in the Bank Qualifier: Alexa Bliss

Ronda Rousey may be set as Nia Jax’s newest challenger for the Raw Women’s Championship following a confrontation at the NBCUniversal upfronts, but Alexa Bliss won’t be shuffled out of the title picture so easily. The former champion took her first step back toward the mountaintop by qualifying for the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match, leaving both her enforcer Mickie James and her old rival Bayley to pick up the pieces.

As is often the case with a high-stakes match such as this, initial alliances among the competitors began to fray at the edges, and tensions quickly rose between Mickie and Alexa. Bayley tried to exploit the situation to seize the win for herself, but after a breakup of a pinfall attempt on Bliss, Mickie briefly scrapped with The Huggable One on the outside. Bayley came out on top in that brawl, but Bliss had used the precious time to rally, and she caught her old rival with a hard right and a wicked DDT that spelled the end of the match.


Been a fan of the WWE since 2000, watched a few from the early years online, wasn’t a fan of where the “Powers that be” were taking the company but it has gotten better with the brand split, I thought that it was a format that worked