Hell in a Cell 2015 Predictions…


The pay per view is upon us and I have allowed time to completely get away from me as I finish this the night before and won’t be posted till the day of the event as we all approach the devil’s favourite playground but let’s get on…

20151009_HIAC_KickOff_EPLights_HPDean Ambrose & Randy Orton vs Luke Harper & Braun Strowman

WWE’s report preview…

Before WWE Hell in a Cell takes over on WWE Network, Randy Orton & Dean Ambrose will team to battle Bray Wyatt’s gargantuan disciples, Luke Harper & Braun Strowman, on the Hell in a Cell Kick-off.

The Viper became unwittingly swept up in Ambrose and Roman Reigns’ war with The Wyatt Family last month when Wyatt, Harper & Strowman ambushed him in an effort to thin out Ambrose and Reigns’ options for allies.

With The Big Dog set to fight The Eater of Worlds inside Hell in a Cell on Oct. 25, The Lunatic Fringe and WWE’s Apex Predator are left to form a potent, if makeshift, force against The New Face of Destruction and The New Face of Desolation. The firepower of an Orton/Ambrose combination is not in question, though it remains to be seen whether the headstrong Viper and the out-of-control Ambrose can match the solidary of Wyatt’s swamp monsters.

Few tag teams in WWE history have been as terrifying or menacing as Harper & Strowman. Harper, a former Intercontinental Champion who possesses the unwavering, unsettling stare of a madman, has always been a dangerous entity; now, he has the immense backup of Strowman, a refrigerator with a head who rag-dolls foes into unconsciousness.

Can the unbridled intensity of Ambrose & Orton overcome the sheer mass of Bray Wyatt’s sinister henchmen? Or will The New Face of Destruction and The New Face of Desolation ravage WWE’s heroes in black?

My Prediction… Randy Orton & Dean Ambrose

20151005_HIAC_EP_LIGHT_R_OwensRyback_HPIntercontinental Champion Kevin Owens vs Ryback (Intercontinental Championship Match)

WWE’s report preview…

Ryback will have his chance to regain the Intercontinental Championship from Kevin Owens when he challenges KO for the title at Hell in a Cell.

Owens dethroned The Big Guy at WWE Night of Champions, fulfilling his crusade of not only becoming a titleholder in WWE, but also winning the champion’s purse. WWE’s outspoken prize-fighter scored the milestone pin after raking Ryback’s eyes behind the referee’s back, paving the way for an underhanded victory.

He has since been careful to pick his spots against The Human Wrecking Ball. During a gruelling rematch on the Oct. 2 SmackDown, Owens — who, moments earlier, had narrowly dodged being Shell Shocked — opted to lose by count-out to preserve his championship reign. A subsequent attempt to ambush The Big Guy, however, turned sour, as Ryback laid waste to Owens.

KO’s blatant show of disrespect has awakened a long-dormant monster inside of Ryback, according to The Big Guy. With an opportunity to recapture the Intercontinental Title in sight, will Hell in a Cell turn into “feeding time” for Ryback?

Or can Owens — a supremely dangerous and aggressive brawler, even when he’s competing within the rules — back up his trash talk and sneak attacks by retaining one of the most prestigious titles in WWE?

My Prediction… Ryback20151005_HIAC_NewDayDudleyBoyz_EP_Lights_HOMEPAGE

Tag Team Champions the New Day vs The Dudley Boyz (Tag Team Championship Match)

WWE’s report preview…

The New Day have so far escaped every encounter with The Dudley Boyz to keep their WWE Tag Team Title reign intact. However, will the boisterous trio’s luck run out when they clash with the “table-poaching” powerhouses in a championship rematch at Hell in a Cell?

Bubba Ray & D-Von Dudley, who boast nine past tag team championship reigns in WWE, have slaughtered all comers since returning to WWE in August, including The New Day. Not only have The Dudley’s defeated the prophets of positivity in non-title competition, but also in title matches at WWE Night of Champions and the WWE Network special Live from MSG: Lesnar vs. Big Show.

The drawback? Both championship match victories came by disqualification after interference by Woods, meaning the WWE Tag Team Championship stayed put. In both cases, Bubba Ray & D-Von appeared to be on the verge of winning the titles via pin fall until last-ditch saves by Woods. And, in both instances, The Dudley’s made Woods suffer for his involvement, 3D-ing him through a table.

At Hell in a Cell, can The New Day’s Big E, Kofi Kingston & Woods retain the championship again, whether with or without having to resort to an underhanded strategy? Or will The Dudley’s claim the WWE Tag Team Title, further cementing themselves as the most decorated duo in WWE history?

My Prediction… The Dudley Boyz

20151005_HIAC_nikkicharlotte_EP_Lights-hpDivas Champion Charlotte vs Nikki Bella (Divas Championship Match)

WWE’s Report Preview…

Charlotte will face her first test as Divas Champion at WWE Hell in a Cell, when she defends her title against its previous holder, Nikki Bella.

The second-generation competitor has been at the forefront of the Divas Revolution that has taken over WWE in recent months. As part of Team PCB, Charlotte, along with Paige and Becky Lynch, sought to help bring about change in how the Divas division is perceived. Their first goal was to get the Divas Championship off Nikki Bella, who ruled the division with an iron fist and turned away all challengers for 301 days, breaking the record for the title’s longest reign.

Charlotte nearly ruined Nikki’s run at history during a championship match on Raw in September, but Nikki and her sister Brie used a bit of Twin Magic to ensure that the title stayed around Nikki’s waist. Because of the twins’ treachery, Charlotte was granted a rematch at Night of Champions, where if Nikki was disqualified, she would lose the Divas Championship. That stipulation never came into play, as Charlotte fought through a knee injury and locked on the Figure Eight, forcing Nikki to submit and earning the Divas Championship.

The new champion’s celebration was cut short, as Paige lashed out at her partners. Things only got more complicated for the champion as her defence against Nikki was announced in a Facebook exclusive video on Oct. 5. With her first title defence looming, could Team PCB’s recent turmoil distract Charlotte from holding on to her title? Or can she prevent Nikki Bella from reclaiming the title she held for 301 days?

My Prediction… Charlotte

20150920_HIAC_romanbray_EP_Lights-hpRoman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt (Hell in a Cell Match)

WWE’s Report Preview…

Their brawls have smashed through ringside barricades and shattered announce tables, but on Sunday, Oct. 25, Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt will fight to a finish inside Hell in a Cell, live on WWE Network. The match will be both Superstars’ first voyage into the career-changing structure.

With the Cell door locked, no other Superstars will be able to enter the fray, raising the stakes for this deeply personal rivalry. In the past months, the Reigns-Wyatt beef has at times teetered on full-blown turf-war status, entangling Dean Ambrose, Luke Harper, Braun Strowman and even Chris Jericho. At WWE Hell in a Cell, however, Reigns and Wyatt will be left entirely to their own devices.

The WWE Universe has witnessed donnybrook after donnybrook between the herculean Reigns and his frighteningly wicked counterpart, but never before have these adversaries locked horns inside a cage, much less Hell in a Cell. Their latest singles match, contested on the Sept. 28 edition of Raw, ended via count-out when the action spilled outside the ring. Even then, the fight was not quelled, as The Big Dog and The New Face of Fear continued warring throughout the arena to chants of “This is awesome!”

My Prediction… Roman Reigns

20150920_HIAC_Taker_Brock_Homepage_EP_LightThe Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar (Hell in a Cell Match)

WWE’s Report Preview…

The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar will face off for the last time on Oct. 25 when The Phenom and The Beast Incarnate meet inside the only structure that can contain the brutality: Hell in a Cell!

The two proud warriors have split their last two encounters. Lesnar famously snapped The Undertaker’s 21-year WrestleMania undefeated streak in 2014, setting off a goal of redemption for The Deadman. In a career first for The Undertaker, he defeated Lesnar when they met again this past August at SummerSlam, though the win was not without controversy.

In the late moments of the match, The Anomaly made The Undertaker tap out to the Kimura Lock, prompting the timekeeper to ring the bell and Lesnar to think he won. The referee, however, did not see the tap, and commanded the match to continue, giving The Phenom an opportunity to deliver a low blow and apply the Hell’s Gate, causing Lesnar to pass out.

Though the record books consider The Undertaker — one of the most decorated Superstars in WWE history — the official victor, Lesner’s advocate, Paul Heyman argues The Beast Incarnate was cheated out of his rightful win.

Oct. 25 will not be the first time The Undertaker and Lesnar have duelled inside the dreaded Hell in a Cell. In October 2002, then-WWE World Heavyweight Champion Lesnar overcame The Undertaker in a fiery battle inside the dangerous warzone.

With an incensed Lesnar bent on destroying The Phenom, will the result be the same at this year’s WWE Hell in a Cell? Or will The Undertaker erase the controversy of SummerSlam with a resounding win against the only athlete in history to have held the WWE World Heavyweight, UFC Heavyweight and NCAA national heavyweight championships?

My Prediction…this match reeks of a possible last appearance of the dead man, this match wasn’t announced, it had no fan fair, no fireworks, no collision between the two, it was simply slapped up on the website and the match is a go.

Reading between the lines here, they might have brought the dead man back just to get his revenge on Lesnar snapping the streak, throwing in a little controversy to set up the rubber match.

If this is the last appearance of the Undertaker, he will do out on a win and he is my pick for this match…

20150928_HIAC_EP_Lights_HPWWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins vs Kane (Hell in a Cell Match)

WWE’s Report Preview…

At Hell in a Cell, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins will be forced to confront the monster who has haunted his nightmares when he steps in the ring against Demon Kane.

For The Big Red Monster, the opportunity is a golden one, a rare chance at snaring the top prize in sports-entertainment. But if he falls short of that goal, his Human Resources–endorsed alter ego, Corporate Kane, will be relieved of his duties as WWE’s Director of Operations, per the orders of Stephanie McMahon.

Since re-emerging, masked, at WWE Night of Champions, Demon Kane has terrorized The Architect, choke slamming and Tombstoning the Superstar he was once responsible for protecting under the direction of The Authority. His fiery onslaughts were precipitated by Rollins’ betrayal months ago, when the WWE World Heavyweight Champion pounced on a weakened Kane, further injuring a knee that had been wrenched in an attack by Brock Lesnar and putting the 7-footer out of action.

Making matters more harrowing for Rollins, the business-minded Director of Operations has, at times, seemed eerily unaware of the demonic Superstar’s actions toward The Architect, sparking speculation that Kane is no less than a modern-day Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

If The Architect hopes to stop his tormentor, he will have to do better than he did on the Sept. 28 edition of Raw. Rollins used a steel chair to again attack Corporate Kane’s left knee, but just as Kane was ready to be transported to a medical facility, a startling transformation took place, and Demon Kane escaped from an ambulance to wreak havoc on Rollins.

Demon Kane struck again days later at the WWE Live from MSG special on WWE Network, where he prevented Rollins from winning his United States Championship Steel Cage Match against John Cena.

My Prediction… Seth Rollins

20151012_HIAC_EP_Lights_HPUnited States Championship Open Challenge: WWE United States Champion John Cena vs ?

WWE’s Review Report…

One Superstar will have the opportunity to grab the brass ring — and the all-important United States Title — when John Cena brings the U.S. Open Challenge to WWE Hell in a Cell.

The esteemed U.S. Champion’s call for challengers will take centre stage at STAPLES Centre on Oct. 25, and there is no telling who will rise to the occasion. In recent weeks, the Cenation leader has turned back the challenge of The New Day’s Big E and Xavier Woods, as well as Dolph Ziggler and even WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins.

Who will answer Cena’s challenge and vie for the stars-and-stripes title?

My Prediction…without knowing the challenger this is a tough call but I think the champ will retain, John Cena to win…

20151016_HIAC_KickOff_EPLights_HPDolph Ziggler, Cesaro & Neville vs King Barrett, Sheamus & Rusev (six man tag team match)

WWE’s Review Report…

Buckle up, WWE Universe. This Sunday, before WWE Hell in a Cell takes over WWE Network, the action will be fast and furious as Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro & Neville battle Rusev, Sheamus & King Barrett on the Hell in a Cell Kick-off.

The Six-Man Tag Team Match brings into conflict three of WWE’s most dynamic athletes with a trifecta of the roster’s hardest-hitting and most rugged bullies.

The Showoff’s struggles with The Bulgarian Brute have been well-documented, while The Swiss Superman and The Man That Gravity Forgot have found themselves joining forces in recent weeks to combat the high-powered duo of Mr. Money in the Bank and the 2015 King of the Ring.

Which dream team will be in the winner’s circle this Sunday, and who will be responsible for the deciding fall? Can Neville’s aerial antics, Ziggler’s agility and resiliency, or Cesaro’s insane strength win out? Or will the Brogue Kick or the Bull Hammer Elbow — two moves that can change the complexion of a match in the blink of an eye — capture the “W”? Might Rusev’s back-breaking Accolade lead The Super Athlete and his comrades to victory? And to what extent will the trios’ abilities to operate as cohesive units determine their fate?

My Prediction… Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro & Neville



Been a fan of the WWE since 2000, watched a few from the early years online, wasn’t a fan of where the “Powers that be” were taking the company but it has gotten better with the brand split, I thought that it was a format that worked