WWE Extreme Rules 2014 Results…

Cesaro defeats RVD and Jack Swagger in a triple threat match… prediction score: +1 -0

El Torito Defeats Hornswoggle… prediction score: +2 -0

Alexander Rusev defeats Xavier Woods & R-Truth in a handicap match… prediction score: +3 -0

Bad News Barrett defeat Big E Langston… (New Intercontinental Champion) prediction score: +3 -2, I get 2 losses for this as I predicted RVD was going to be the challenger and winner of this match.

The Shield defeat Evolution… prediction score: +4 -2

Paige defeats Tamina Snuka (Divas Championship match) prediction score: +5 -2

Bray Wyatt defeats John Cena (steel cage match) prediction score: +5 -3
Daniel Bryan defeats Kane (Extreme Rules Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.) Prediction score: +6 -3

Without question this has turned out to be my best prediction result score ever, six to three in favour of a winning prediction.

Despite the fact I start with a guaranteed loss before the show even began, I’m happy to report that this pay per view joins my success column…

And I look forward to the WWE’s next pay per view WWE Payback I will see you all there…


Been a fan of the WWE since 2000, watched a few from the early years online, wasn’t a fan of where the “Powers that be” were taking the company but it has gotten better with the brand split, I thought that it was a format that worked