Goldberg Vs Brock Lesnar: A Dislike Explained

I few of my followers here at the Squared Circle have been in touch about my “Strong Dislike” for all things Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg and have requested me to explain my point of view concerning these two.

First of all, let me be clear – I have been a fan of both superstars at one point…however, my explanation needs me to take you back all the way to WrestleMania twenty in 2004, if you haven’t seen the show I would recommend glossing over the match between these two but then for the sake of my argument I suppose I should argue for you to go watch it.

Before these two were named for the biggest pay per view of the year, they had one of the greater storylines to come out of the writers of the company, ending with Lesnar costing Goldberg a chance to win the Royal Rumble and in response Goldberg costing Lesnar his championship to the late, great and unforgettable Eddie Guerrero at No Way Out.

The match was booked, Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania Twenty, both men were fan favourites and the fans only saw one outcome to this match-up, a knock down, slog out brawl but what many fans didn’t know at the time was that this was to be the last match for both of them within the WWE.

Neither one wanted to risk injury in their last match and damn near flat out refused to lock up with the other, to sell the moves of their opponent, this went on for damn near fifteen minutes, the match was flat, had no energy and did not deserve the hype that was built around it and it got more than the triple threat main event for that year’s show.

In fact, the highlight of the match was after the end bell when special referee Stone Cold Steve Austin hit the Stone Cold stunner on both of these idiots, thanks to this match their careers were practically dead in the water

So there was what we thought (at the time) was the end of Brock Lesnar and Goldberg, until of course Brock Lesnar came back and then twelve years later issued a challenge to Goldberg since their first encounter.

So…Survivor Series rolls round and my thinking at the time or perhaps my hope at the time was that the WWE had finally realised the blunder that was the first time round and wanted to give the fans what they expected, what they should have seen at WrestleMania Twenty.

And what happens, a simple eighty-six seconds in or a minute and twenty-six seconds for your serious time keepers out there, Goldberg beats Brock Lesnar, this was essentially a squash match and whatever career Lesnar had since WrestleMania twenty died then and there.

This match was where the buck should have stopped, the first go was pathetic, the rematch was a fucking disaster but no…these two were booked for the Royal Rumble and if I’m to be honest, me and my friends who were watching the show really had our hopes up for this one.

Because we could only see one scenario to where these two could have a good showing and redeem some of that lost career in a Rumble match, we wanted to see them come out early, maybe the eighth and fourteenth and just dominate the Rumble.

We wanted them to set a new Rumble Record and just eliminate everyone that was in the ring to start with and then anyone else as they come to the ring, all the while trying to eliminate each other and it wouldn’t be until the end that they would just tip each other over the top rope, cost the other the match and leave like the last four to fight it out for the win.

So what happened? Number twenty-six hits the ring, Brock Lesnar, ok – its late numbers we thought but there still enough bodies in the ring to get a strong showing, Lesnar goes to town – suplex after suplex, F-5 after F-5, number 27 is about to come out, everyone is ready for Goldberg, the clash is about to happen…enter – Enzo, this was a great moment, a teaser if you will to the fans, delaying the inevitable.

Number 28 – Goldberg, this is what we were waiting for, these two would try to eliminate the other all the while eliminating all the others until the final four…. mmmmm….no, what happened when Goldberg hit the ring, he ducked a clothes-line and nailed a spear before throwing Lesnar out of the Rumble after just being in the ring for all of twenty-one seconds.

So the WWE has had three chances of putting on a decent showing with these two and in three encounters it’s been a bloody let-down every time and where we thought it was the end of things these two are once again booked for WrestleMania, an unbelievable thirteen years after their first encounter.

But first, we thought we were going to be treated to a great match as whether or not someone complained or the “powers upon high” deemed it so Goldberg was put up as a challenger to Kevin Owens Universal Championship at Fastlane and we thought great, Goldberg and Lesnar can’t give us a decent match between them so let’s have one team up against someone who can.

Now we saw this as going two ways, either Goldberg winning the championship or Lesnar coming out and costing him the title, setting up even more to their feud come WrestleMania thirty-three and we settled back for a good fight.

You had to give Owens credit, walking around the ring for nearly three and a half minutes and we thought this was to get in the head of Goldberg, he’s going to get the upper hand and the match would begin.

What happened? The bells about to ring, Chris Jericho’s music hits, the bell rings to start the match and twenty-three seconds later, Goldberg is your Universal Champion…what a fucking bag of BS, anyone seeing a pattern here.

So finally, WrestleMania comes round, its Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg for the Universal Championship, Goldberg is done after this, it’s his last match so we know that Lesnar is walking away with the belt, their job now is to put on a decent showing for the WWE universe.

WrestleMania twenty was bullshit, Survivor Series was a disaster, Royal Rumble was a let-down, this is the last shot for both of these men to save a shred of dignity, to have anything nice said about them for the rest of time, to be remembered for something other than a disgrace trifecta of encounters, they had to go the distance and put on a full match, nothing else would do.

After the match, I really wanted to go bleach my eyeballs because I couldn’t un-see the monumental failure that Goldberg and Brock Lesnar had become, was their spears…yes, was there jack-hammers…yes, was there a trip to suplex city…yes, was there F-5’s…yes, was there much of anything else…no, no really.

It was as if they decided to just go out, hit all their big moves, have a pin and then fuck off for dinner, and believe it or not this match was four minutes and forty-six seconds long, you have one of the main belts up for grabs in your match and you can’t even put on a decent fight for it because this match was the shortest of the night and there were ten of them.

And to put it in what could be even more worse light, the SmackDown Women’s Championship was a six pack challenge and it went roughly five and half minutes long and they had six people to contend with, with more bodies to get round and moves to execute safely.

You had Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg, two bulls that should be able to last for a good twenty to thirty minutes in the ring and they couldn’t give us five, since their returns, their moves list have decidedly shrunk, they can’t hit anything else anymore it seems.

Now that Goldberg has retired, he and Brock Lesnar will forever be known as a seriously shit partnership in a wrestling ring, they couldn’t live up to the hype that was generated for them and that is a major let-down.

Now many would argue that they seem to be doing alright, after all every time they show up on Raw, the fans chant for them…yes, that might be true but if I was paying to go see a show of Raw, I would want to be able to chant what I like as well and that is why I “dislike” them, because they couldn’t live up to expectations of the fans or more importantly… this fan.


Been a fan of the WWE since 2000, watched a few from the early years online, wasn’t a fan of where the “Powers that be” were taking the company but it has gotten better with the brand split, I thought that it was a format that worked