WWE World Heavyweight Champion Dean Ambrose vs. Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins (Triple Threat Match)

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Two years removed from the unforgettable rupture of The Shield, newly crowned WWE World Heavyweight Champion Dean Ambrose faces his fellow former Hounds of Justice Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns in a Triple Threat Match at WWE Battleground.

A three-way showdown among Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns seemed inevitable from the moment Rollins stabbed his brothers in the back, dissolving the once-dominant faction. Less expected was that it would be The Lunatic Fringe sitting in the catbird position as defending champion. Yet, Ambrose earned that accolade at WWE Money in the Bank, winning the event’s namesake match and cashing in his guaranteed championship match contract that same night against Rollins, who himself had just pinned Reigns to regain the title.

The cyclonic turn of events turned WWE on its head and underscored what everyone already knew: Competition among the former Shield allies runs deep and is full of parity.

So evenly matched are the Superstars that a single No. 1 contender could not be named the following night on Raw, when The Big Dog and The Architect jockeyed for the right to challenge Ambrose. As the thrilling match reached its crescendo, Reigns Speared Rollins onto the Spanish announce table and neither Superstar could beat the referee’s 10-count.

Even though no decisive winner was declared, Ambrose proved himself to be a fighting champion right away, volunteering to take on both Reigns and Rollins on Sunday, July 24.

With that, the table is now set for one of the most anticipated WWE World Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat Matches of all time. Which ex-Hound of Justice will prove his supremacy at WWE Battleground? Will it be the rebuilt and redesigned Architect, eager to win back the title he trained so hard to reclaim, only to lose it moments later? Will The Big Dog use his punishing strength to dismantle both friend (Ambrose) and foe (Rollins)? Or might the match’s Lunatic Fringe remind those who know him best just how dangerous he can be?

Prediction: Dean Ambrose


Intercontinental Champion The Miz vs. Darren Young

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At WWE Battleground, the WWE Universe will find out if Bob Backlund has succeeded in his goal of making Darren Young “great again.”

That has been the motto of the WWE Hall of Famer and his new protégé of late, and it will be put to the test on Sunday, July 24, when Young challenges The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship.

A former WWE Tag Team Champion, Young enlisted Backlund as his life coach not long ago in an effort to kick-start his career and climb the WWE ranks once again. In turn, Backlund doled out advice and callisthenic commands as only he can, with a sometimes confounded D-Young abiding all the way. Unconventional though Backlund’s coaching style may be, the wisdom of the two-time WWE Champion has seemingly paid off, as Young won an Intercontinental Championship No. 1 Contender’s Battle Royal on the July 11 edition of Raw.

D-Young will not, however, be the only Superstar with an ally in his corner come July 24. The Miz will no doubt be accompanied by his wife, Maryse, who has helped turn the tide in her husband’s favour during several previous title defences.

Will Maryse’s presence spell the same fate at WWE Battleground, or will Backlund’s coaching, coupled with Young’s considerable skills inside the ring, be enough to unseat The A-Lister as Intercontinental Champion?

Prediction: The Miz


Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens

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Batman and The Joker. Superman and Lex Luthor. Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty. The greatest rivalries in history all have one thing in common in that they never seem to end. At WWE Battleground, however, WWE.com has confirmed that Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens will look to buck that trend and put their grudge to rest once and for all.

That may seem like a tall order given that these two Superstars, once the best of friends, have been fighting each other for roughly a decade in a conflict that’s spanned from bingo halls to AT&T Stadium. Few can bury a beef like that on a whim. And yet, the animosity between Zayn and Owens has grown to the point that it’s derailed almost every opportunity each of them has had since arriving in WWE.

If that statement is an exaggeration, it’s a slim one: Owens and Zayn have cost each other, in order, the NXT Championship, the WWE Championship, the Intercontinental Championship (twice), and the the Money in the Bank contract (Owens won their only singles bout during this stretch, but they were back to brawling less than an hour later).

That’s a lot of opportunities to miss out on, and an air of finality has swirled around Zayn and Owens ever since WWE Money in the Bank, when Zayn first voiced his desire to rid himself of the 266-pound gorilla on his back by challenging Owens to a one-on-one match that Zayn won by the skin of his teeth. Unsurprisingly, Owens kept on punching, fighting his old enemy all the way to the locker room area. The next week, both Superstars said aloud what the WWE Universe has known to be true: Their rivalry has finally consumed them. What was initially a display of heart and grittiness on Sami’s part has become an obsession with proving his superiority over Owens. And what was at first a sinister willingness on Owens’ part to beat up on his buddy has become an albatross holding The Prizefighter back from the next step.

So what’s next? One last fight, if they’re to be believed. And even if Zayn and Owens end up drafted to different shows come the July 19 Brand Extension, they’ll still have one last chance to duke it out and prove, once and for all, who the better man is. Then, maybe, they’ll get something that Batman, Holmes and all those other eternal combatants never did: Closure.

Prediction: Kevin Owens


John Cena, Enzo Amore & Big Cass vs. The Club

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The Club have made an enemy of John Cena, but fortunately for the Cenation leader, backup has arrived, and it’s anything but “sawft.”

Two of The New Era’s most popular Superstars, Enzo Amore & Big Cass, will join Cena to take on AJ Styles, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson in six-man tag team action at WWE Battleground on July 24, live on WWE Network. For Cena, the alliance with “The Realest Guys in the Room” evens the odds in his ongoing rivalry with the malicious triumvirate of Styles, Gallows & Anderson.

Gallows & Anderson brazenly interfered in Cena’s duel with Styles at WWE Money in the Bank, paving the way to a historic Styles victory and arguably ruining a dream match that had been 15 years in the making. With Cena’s focus no doubt locked on The Phenomenal One, Enzo & Cass may just represent the perfect antidote to Gallows & Anderson. Though lacking the experience of their double-tough, world-traveled opponents, Enzo & Cass have exhibited an uncommon knack for never backing down from a fight in the short time they’ve been in WWE.

Will Cena lead his young but hungry teammates to a pivotal victory at WWE Battleground? Or will The Club’s well-tuned teamwork and relentless brutality win out?

Prediction: The Club


Sasha Banks and a partner to be named vs. Charlotte & Dana Brooke

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WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte has granted Sasha Banks a match at WWE Battleground — just not the one that The Boss has been gunning for.

Moments after ambushing Sasha on the July 14 edition of SmackDown, Charlotte and her powerhouse partner-in-crime, Dana Brooke, informed their rival that they have contracted to face Sasha and a partner of her choice at WWE Battleground. That is, as Dana pointed out, if The Boss can convince another Superstar to join forces with her against the platinum-blonde bullies.

Since returning to action last month, Sasha has been hot on the trail of Charlotte, insisting that had it not been for WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair’s involvement at WrestleMania, the WWE Women’s Title wound be around Sasha’s waist, not Charlotte’s. To prove her mettle as a title contender, Sasha then overcame Dana in back-to-back matches, first beating her on Raw and then in a return match proposed by Charlotte on SmackDown.

Though The Boss has now definitively gotten the better of Dana twice, Charlotte appears no more eager to give her a title opportunity. Might Charlotte’s hand be forced if, at WWE Battleground, Sasha is successful in finding a partner who can help her notch an all-important win? Or will Dana’s prediction that The Boss rolls alone come to fruition, leaving her vulnerable to a 2-on-1 battle?

Prediction: Sasha Banks & Partner


United States Champion Rusev vs. Zack Ryder

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Zack Ryder became a symbolic champion of America after he and Big Show led Team USA to victory over The Multinational Alliance on the Fourth of July. However, with a match against Rusev now confirmed for WWE Battleground, Ryder stands ready to attain something a bit more tangible: the United States Championship.

The Bulgarian Brute officially accepted Ryder’s challenge to a title bout on the July 11 edition of Raw. In the process, Rusev did his best to humiliate Long Island Iced-Z, attacking Ryder in a blatant sign of disrespect after his match against Sheamus and locking him in the Accolade.

Though Lana’s Super Athlete appears to be taking the threat of “Zack Daddy” lightly, Ryder historically thrives when it comes to proving doubters wrong. Such was the case when he heroically won the U.S. Championship once before, defeating Dolph Ziggler at WWE TLC 2011 in one of the biggest feel-good wins in memory. More recently, Ryder came away from WrestleMania 32’s seven-Superstar Ladder Match holding the Intercontinental Title, despite the fact he was widely regarded as an underdog heading into the contest.

Such fortitude will be necessary against Rusev, who remains as big and daunting a foe as there is in WWE. In The Bulgarian Brute, Ryder faces a brawler who has a single objective: to crush the opposition.

Prediction: Rusev


The New Day vs. The Wyatt Family

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The most positive team in WWE today collides with the personification of fear itself when The New Day take on The Wyatt Family at WWE Battleground in a newly confirmed Six-Man Tag Team Match announced by Renee Young on Facebook Live.

The Wyatts have proven to be the sole challenge that The New Day have been unable to solve throughout their yearlong reign as WWE Tag Team Champions, driving a wedge through the trio by mere factor of their presence. Xavier Woods, usually the most boisterous member of The New Day, has been petrified into silence since their first confrontation, and the typically jovial Kofi Kingston and Big E were equally shaken up following an unorthodox, and terrifying, battle that took place at The Wyatt Family’s compound.

The New Day bravely venture to The Wyatt Family Compound where all-out mayhem erupts with The Wyatts.

Though The New Day’s titles are not at stake in this long-brewing confrontation, they fight for something far more precious: The positivity that fuels their very souls

Prediction: The Wyatt Family


Becky Lynch vs. Natalya

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At WWE Battleground, Becky Lynch will meet former friend Natalya in a match the WWE Universe has anticipated for weeks.

The Irish Lass Kicker and The Queen of Harts went from comrades to full-on enemies after losing to Charlotte & Dana Brooke at WWE Money in the Bank. The defeat was not taken lightly by Natalya, and Becky took the brunt of the third-generation Superstar’s frustration, even though it was Natalya who lost the fall after a team miscommunication.

Following to the betrayal witnessed at WWE Money in the Bank, Natalya took the rivalry to the next level by ambushing Becky during an interview on the June 20 edition of Raw. Irate, Becky unleashed her fury the next week. Although scheduled to battle Summer Rae on Raw, The Irish Lass Kicker took advantage of the fact that Natalya was on commentary at ringside and attacked her former ally, proving that Becky, too, knows a thing or two about ambushes.

The rivalry has been heating up for the past month, and WWE Battleground guarantees nothing but a fiery match between the onetime friends. Will The Irish Lass Kicker come out victorious, or will The Queen of Harts continue to make a statement?

Prediction: Becky Lynch



Been a fan of the WWE since 2000, watched a few from the early years online, wasn’t a fan of where the “Powers that be” were taking the company but it has gotten better with the brand split, I thought that it was a format that worked