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A site I can post my thoughts, pictures, videos and anything else I need to make my crazy world run just that tad more…crazier

Because I grew up loving video games since I was a kid, got into watching walkthroughs about 3 years ago, started making my own last year with the activation of this website have many games planned but it will be slow going to get through them but will get there. Feel free to subscribe for restricted content

One of my loves of photography is that no two photos are the same, whether water, land or air even fire is forever changing, light is forever altering the landscape, that shadows are constantly on the move, the same image can never be captured twice…my favourite effect is shots with a water surface reflection…

A spin off site from my original website, this one for trailers that interest me, cover music and reviews

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Where almost all of my blogs end up as well as other tweets


We’re back on YouTube and Google+ but again my blogs will appear here as well